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What I love about giving up refined sugar is all the creative ways people look to recreate chocolatey treats. I love the use of coconut milk 🙂 all I can say is oh yum they look scrumptious! Thanks to Hungry Club!

Hungry Cub


I was always the BIGGEST fan of bounty chocolate bars. The chocolate shell, the coconutty centre – a combination of flavours I completely love. It was one of my favourite special snacks.

More recently  (after I decided to learn to make more things from scratch) I tried my hand at my own version of these favourite chocolates. You can make them as bars or truffles but I find truffles to be the easiest snack size and also less messy to coat in some delicious dark chocolate.

If you’re feeling super keen or creative, you could even try making your own homemade chocolate for the shell. Perhaps that’ll be my next attempt…


Chocolate Coconut “Bounty” Truffles (makes approx 20 balls)

2 cups dried coconut (thread or chips)
3 tbsp full-fat coconut milk (is best if you use the ‘thicker’ portion from the top of the can)
1 tbsp brown rice syrup…

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