Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream – Paleo, Primal, LCHF & Keto Friendly!


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It’s summer in New Zealand – well, in Auckland it is sort of summer some of the days.  Regardless when you are hot then the ultimate treat has to be ice cream! And what better way to start off the blogging year is to talk about ice cream. And an ice cream so low in carbs they call it Keto ice cream!


My sister Kathie made this on a recent visit.  She found it on Martina’s Keto Diet Blog. And adapted it with a strawberry and a chocolate flavour.

What makes it so great is that it is super simple to make.  Full of lovely fat and is perfect if you are following a paleo, lchf or a keto lifestyle. And you know what,  I think it tastes even better than the real thing,

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Low Carb Spanakopita from Keto Adapted. Grain & Gluten Free


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Do you love spinach and feta?  Then you will love Spanakopita?  A tasty pastry filled with a delicious mix of spinach and feta cheese.  Wait up a minute – did I say pastry???  Yep, so that’s the reason it has been off bounds for the past three years.  While I had thought to create one out of a paleo pastry, I admit I have been too lazy!

So look here, it’s been done for us thanks to Maria at Keto Adapted!

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Homestyle Tomato Sauce – Sugar Free & No Nasty Ingredients


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Looking for a sugar free tomato sauce to serve with your sausage rolls?  Then look no further.  Quick and simple to make with the bonus of knowing there are no nasty ingredients.


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