Ok, so this is generally a recipe blog, but for my NZ followers this article by Prof Grant Scofield is an insight into the on going academic debate around the promotion of LCHF whole food eating vs the low fat high carb Standard American (NZ) diet that is happening right now.

The Science of Human Potential

Fighting fat with fat Stuff.co.nz Prof Grant Schofield and Dr Caryn Zinn – Real LCHF eating

It’s been a big week in New Zealand on the ongoing debate around fat in the diet and health.

In the “You demonised fat without evidence and have contributed to a carb laden food environment” corner is our team at AUT’s Human Potential Centre

In the other “You people are dangerous and unqualified, and everyone who is important enough, like us, thinks fat is bad for you especially low carb high fat eating” corner we have……

Professor Jim Mann

Professor Mann released his Lancet invited letter (read “me and editor reckon that LCHF eating is a bad idea so here’s a letter”). This of course sparked a good deal of interest in the low carb eating area – which I guess was predictable, but the opposite of their intentions!

The follow up media was interesting. Here’s…

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